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Katsuhito Masaki (Yosho):

Katsuhito is Tenchi's grandfather and Nobuyuki's father-in-law. He works as a Shinto priest, taking care of the Masaki shrine and watching over the cave where a dangerous creature is imprisoned. katsuhito is a master strategist and when he decides to be can be quite powerful. Katsuhito later reveals he is Yosho, the greatest Jurai swordsman.
In the OAV, Yosho was engaged to Aeka long ago but decided to avoid conflict over the throne and left for earth to fight Ryoko. He decided to stay and eventually settled in Japan. His true form is revealed when his mother, Funaho, comes to visit. In the TV series, Yosho moved to earth because he fell in love with a woman there. He returns to Jurai after Kagato steals the throne.

Katsuhito intentionally told Tenchi many stories about the demon in the cave so that his grandson would try to free Ryoko (OAV Ep. 1). Katsuhito understood Ryoko's actions 700 years ago were Kagato's fault. Once Tenchi was older, Katsuhito gave him the keys to set his plan in motion. His grandson turned out to be more powerful than suspected, however...

Katsuhito has been able to conceal his age and identity because his substantial influence in Japanese politics (owed to 700 years of experience) allows him to alter the family register whenever he chooses.

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