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Aeka is prim, proper, and demure, the perfect model of a Jurai crown princess - except when Ryoko's around. Aeka's attraction to Tenchi stems from both her admiration of his quiet inner strength and his eligibility; the young man has Jurai royal blood, after all. Aeka is happy on earth, free from the royal duties and would-be suitors that are a constant burden. Some day she plans to marry Tenchi and live in royal splendor on Jurai... if only that space pirate wourld just go away.
In the OVA, Aeka meets Tenchi while searching for Yosho. In the TV series, she wanders across Mihoshi's distress signal after the Galaxy Police officer is stranded on earth. Both times her ship is destroyed in clashes with Ryoko (no surprise). Aeka exhibits similar Jurai powers in both the OVA and TV series.

Aeka's name is taken from an old Japanese word, "Aekanaru", which means "delicate" or "frail."

The Tear of the Imperial Family ("Ouke no Namida") is a special Jurai flower used for somber occasions. When an Imperial family member dies, Tears of the Imperial Family are planted around that member's tree, which becomes a gravesite memorial.

Aeka's personal tree is Ryu-oh, a second generation offspring of Tsunami. The branches of Ryu-oh protected Tenchi when he was seriously injured by Kagato's attack (OVA Ep. 6). Aeka later replanted Ryu-oh with Washu's help.

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