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Nobuyuki Masaki!

Nobuyuki Masaki:

Nobuyuki, Tenchi's lecherous father, is overjoyed at having several young pretty women stay at his home. A widower, his hobbies include peeping and taping pretty women. Nobuyuki works as an architect and designed the house Tenchi lives in.
Nobuyuki and Katsuhito (Yosho) look similar because they are actually distantly related. Yosho has had several wives since moving to earth 700 years ago. His children have had children, who have also had children, and Nobuyuki is on of those distant offspring. Intermarriage of distant relations in royalty is quite common (Aeka was originally engaged to marry Yosho, her half brother [OVA Ep. 2]), thus Achika's marriage to Nobuyuki would not seem unusual to the Jurai.

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