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Tenchi Muyo the Movie - Tenchi Muyo in Love

The GP headquarters vanishes! One word was left... "Kain"

The merciless criminal Kain has escaped from sub-space where he had been captured! Kain, who was deprived of his freedom by the Jurai royal family and GP (Galaxy Police), demolished the GP headquarters and attacked the Jurai King... His next target is... earth!

Tenchi is dissolving... back to 1970!

Around the same time, on earth, Tenchi's house has suddenly disappeared. What's even worse is that Tenchi's body is disappearing too...! Something must have happened to Achika, Tenchi's mother, in the past! So the gang must leave for a journey to the year 1970.

1997 Achika Masaki

© AIC/Pioneer LDC