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Name Origin: A variation on Ryoko.

What has happeded to the cat that appeared in ep.1?

A cat called Chibi appeared in ep.1 but was never seen again. It was used by Ryo-oh-ki. More precisely it was assimilated into Ryo-oh-ki. Therefore. Ryo-oh-ki is Chibi and Chibi is Ryo-oh-ki at the same time. Tenchi found Chibi on the first day of his summer holiday (ie, before ep.1 starts), lying near the steps and nearly dead. He took care of it, which recovered by the time ep.1 started. But it was Ryoko in her astral body who really saved Chibi. She felt so sorry for Tenchi that she used her energy to keep it alive. When Ryoko eventually revived completely, she had to withdraw her energy from Chibi and allow it to die. She did her best by assimilating it into the second generation Ryo-oh-ki.

Why does Ryo-oh-ki love carrots so much?

Because they are so delicious. Ryo-oh-ki ate a carrot in ep.3 for the first time and fell in love with it immediately. Why? Like Ryoko, Ryo-oh-ki gets necessary energy through the jewel. But unlike Ryoko, Ryo-oh-ki has sense of taste. So the answer to the question is; simply she thought it was wonderful. If she is allowed, she can eat endlessly because they will be digested 'completely'. In short, Ryo-oh-ki is very happy as long as she can eat carrots.

The jewel-like thing on Ryo-oh-ki's forehead:

Ryo-oh-ki has a jewel-like thing on her forehead. Is this the same thing as Ryoko's jewel? Strictly speaking, no. More correctly, it is something that synchronise with the jewel. Their relation is like a host computer and a terminal. Ryo-oh-ki is linked to Ryoko through them. It is also where Ryo-oh-ki stores the energy received from the jewel. This is why Ryoko had to get a jewel back form Tenchi in ep.2 to summon Ryo-oh-ki. Ryo-oh-ki can also emit a beam from it when she fights in her animal mode.

History of Ryo-oh-ki:

The first generation Ryo-oh-ki was badly damaged in ep.2. Later she died and a new baby hatched from an egg. An entire spaceship became a small animal-mode Ryo-oh-ki. In ep.5, this baby transforms itself to a spaceship, a mature form of the second generation Ryo-oh-ki. Then what are those many Ryo-oh-ki appeared in ep.7? They are the crystals in the bridge of the spaceship-mode Ryo-oh-ki. They transformed themselves using the information of animal-mode from the spaceship. (There were crystals in the first-generation Ryo-oh-ki, too. But they could not transform.) So the bunch of Ryo-oh-ki, with a carrot each, had to go back to the lake, where the spaceship is kept. Also this explains why there was only one Ryo-oh-ki before ep.7, and there was no animal-mode Ryo-oh-ki in ep.2.

What happened to Ryo-oh-ki in the battle with Kagato?

After Ryo-oh-ki fought against Ryu-oh in ep.2, she re-created herself. But how about after the battle with Kagato? Did she do the same thing again? No. Ryo-oh-ki was hardly hurt. It was the Ryu-oh unit beneath her that was mostly damaged by the attack. Of course, Ryo-oh-ki did get some damage but that was light enough to be healed without a problem. In fact, the first generation Ryo-oh-ki died partly because her life span was about to end. She had a good fight with Yosho and felt the limit of her power. So she decided re-create herself. Ryo-oh-ki can evolve like Ryoko and, therefore, the second generation has more power than the first generation. Incidentally, Ryo-oh-ki took Ryu-oh in to reinforce her offensive capability and the Tree on Ryu-oh accepted this idea to allow the combination.

How many Ryo-oh-ki are there in total?

101 (Of course ^_^). A huge number of Ryo-oh-ki appeared in ep.7. But exactly how many? 101. Guess why? Yes, it is from Di**ey (^_^).

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