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Tenchi Masaki's

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Age, History, Gender, Origin: Unknown. No distinguishing characteristics. Offender #67 Class A. Universal Era 507410. Characteristic energy form classified as NVO Code Name Kain. Wanted for destruction of planets and suspicion of murder. General warrant issued. Destroyed 13 federated planets and 275,000 space crafts before he was apprehended and confined in the Galaxy Police Sub-space Network. Considered to have the power to overcome even a large force of Galaxy Police. Has been confined in the headquarters sub-space room for the past 100 years.

Kain's a being that hates the house of Jurai. A hundred years ago he went on a rampage of murder and destruction across the universe. The House of Jurai cooperated with the Galaxy Police in capturing him. Then, in present time, he destroyed the Galaxy Police Headquarters and vanished. He has come to Earth, 1970 to take revenge by swollowing up the Jurai. Kain thrives where there is no Jurai energy. He's come to this era to make sure that no one who controls this power can stand in his way....

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