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Achika Shrine

The Greatest Being In the Universe

Achika is the mother of Masaki Tenchi, from the series Tenchi Muyo! Having only a couple brief appearances in the series, she is mainly featured in the Tenchi movie, Tenchi Muyo in Love!

Achika is the daughter of Yosho, Prince of Jurai. She inherited the blood of the Royal Juraian family, and possesses the power that goes along with that bloodline. As she lives a fairly normal life, however, this power remains dormant in her.

Tenchi and the gang are spending a quiet evening (a rare thing for the Tenchi household) watching some old home movies of Achika. Something happens, however, and Tenchi begins to vanish. Only the quick work of Washu saves him from disappearing completely.

As it turns out, something has happened in the past to Achika. As such, time has been altered drastically and Tenchi no longer exists. Only a special barrier Washu has set up keeps Tenchi from vanishing permanantly. Tenchi and the gang must travel back in time to make sure nothing happens to Achika.

Achika unfortunately dies while Tenchi is still quite young.

1998 Ryoko